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In the Hot Key are going to restore a unique fortress V - VII century

The initiative belongs to the local branch of the Russian Geographical Society. Its representatives are planning to contact the Goryachy Klyuch administration and the Krasnodar regional branch of the RGO.
Psyphabe Fortress is the oldest cultural monument located on the territory of the Hot Key. Scientists date this historical object V - VII centuries. During the excavations, some areas of defensive architecture were discovered and cleared. The length of the most fortified part is 67 meters, width - 48 meters. The power of the wall encircling the platform is 3.5 meters.
“On the eve, valuable documents were solemnly transferred to the foundation of the city's historical museum, displaying studies of the fortress of Psyfabe. The archive now has a map with a reconstruction of a unique object, a report from members of the expedition of 1989, and several notes from local and Adyghe newspapers. The expedition was headed by a well-known archeologist and honored cultural worker of Adygea Nurbiy Lovpache, - clarified Ivana Belova, an employee of the Goryachi Klyuchevsky historical museum and Catalan famous castles.
During the study by archaeologists of the place where the fortress stood, the excavations on the northern slopes of the Abadzekhskaya mountain, scientists found many household items.

By fragments of ancient ceramics, it was established that the object was erected approximately in the 5th – 7th centuries of our era, while individual finds found in these places indicate that their settlement took place much earlier - in the 1st century of our era. The latest use of the fortress dates from the XIII – XVI centuries. During the excavations, it was established that the length of the wall itself was 67 meters, and its thickness was about 3.5 meters. The walls of the fortress were towers of different shapes and purposes, as well as an observation tower, standing on the highest point of the rock.
In the medieval period, the Psifabe fortress served to control the narrow passage from the mountain valleys along the Psekups river to the Zakubanya plains. It was in this place where trade caravans to the Black Sea coast passed, heading for the area of today's settlement of Novomikhailovsky, where brisk trade was conducted in ancient times. Overseas brought goods sailing on sailing ships and slaves.
The area of the fortress was relatively small - up to 200 square meters. The first researchers believed that behind its walls, during the danger, local residents were hiding. However, later studies, during which various measurements and drawing of the plan of the citadel were carried out taking into account the parameters of its walls, showed that the internal area of Psyphabe is rather small and could hardly accommodate the entire population of a nearby village in case of danger.
Such conclusions suggest that the fortress could house a princely family with servants, from which, in turn, it follows that the fortress "Psyphabe" is nothing but a real feudal castle.

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