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The Links to your site subsection shows information about sites linking to the resource, acceptor pages, and anchor content

The Links to your site subsection shows information about sites linking to the resource, acceptor pages, and anchor content

The Links to your site subsection shows information about sites linking to the resource, acceptor pages, and anchor content. The Internal links section displays relevant information with the ability to view links. In the section Measures taken manually, information on manual sanctions of the search system is available. The section Targeting by country and language is available the relevant data. The last subsection - Convenience of viewing on mobile devices - makes it possible to evaluate this resource factor and get a list of specific errors that need to be addressed.
Tracking site indexingThe Indexing Status section allows you to get data on the number of pages that have passed indexing. By turning on the advanced data demo, you can see the number of pages that have been indexed, as well as deleted or blocked.

In the subsection “Keywords in the content, relevant information is presented - by the way, it can be downloaded in table format. The Blocked Resources section displays information about pages that cannot be indexed in whole or in part. In the Delete URLs section, you can remove specific pages from the results.
Evaluation and scan settingsLet's evaluate all the tools in turn:
Scan errors - error data on the site and server;Scan statistics - tracking the work of a search robot;See how Googlebot is the ability to “see” a site through the eyes of a search robot.

This will allow you to see scanning errors, confirm the availability of content;Robots.txt file verification tool - everything is clear without explanation;Sitemap files - check the availability of the site map and download the current file with the map;URL parameters - configure link crawl options.,-hi?

What does a webmaster do and what are his tasks?A webmaster is usually a multidisciplinary specialist with the skills of a developer, web designer, content manager, seo specialist, etc.
It is generally accepted that a webmaster should have technical knowledge and skills.
HTML hypertext markup language and the basics of its design using CSSWho needs such a multi-functional specialist?As a rule, webmasters create small sites for small and medium-sized businesses and maintain it: they support the stable operation of the site, fill it with content, make the necessary changes to the site code, change layout, optimize the site and promote it in search engines.
A large company that has enough funds to hire individual specialists, as a rule, does so, forming a team of several people - a designer, programmer, content manager, seo-specialist.
What do webmasters earn?As mentioned earlier, the main "bread" for webmasters is, of course, work and customer service - the development and promotion of sites for them.
But you won’t be full of customers alone, so many webmasters create their own web projects - sites for making money. As a rule, these are thematic information sites on WordPress for selling links or for earning on contextual advertising.
How to become a webmaster?To become a webmaster, you need quite extensive knowledge in related industries: web design, layout, programming, seo optimization. All this usually takes years, so the main contingent of webmasters is young people who have not spared youth for the development of these skills and have prepared for adulthood with a certain amount of knowledge and a bundle of sites in stock.
In the 21st century, such specialists will be even more in demand due to the development of technology and the Internet, but most likely many of the webmasters will develop into specialists with a narrower profile, because the Internet is unlimited, and there’s more than enough work to do in it ...
If you have a strong desire to become a webmaster and make money on the Internet, then you should undergo training and master the basic skills of layout and programming. Here are the resources to help you do this:
Website layout basics can be learned in HTMLAcademyA course in the basics of PHP can be taken at Code-Basics - give excellent system knowledgeAnd to deepen your knowledge and become an advanced programmer you will allow the best project for teaching programming in Runet - Hexlet

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