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Основная статья: Skiing

FIS rules are accepted all over the world and are considered the ideal behavior model for a responsible and prudent skier or snowboarder

FIS rules are accepted all over the world and are considered the ideal behavior model for a responsible and prudent skier or snowboarder, and their purpose is to prevent accidents on the slope. FIS rules apply to all skiers and snowboarders without exception. A skier or snowboarder must know these rules, respect and abide by them. If he does not do this, then his behavior, in the event of an accident, may be considered a violation of civil and criminal law.

Rule 1 - RESPECT ALL ENVIRONMENT.Every snowboarder or skier must behave on the slopes so as not to interfere with the movement of others, nor to endanger others or harm people.

Rule 2 - CONTROL YOUR SPEED AT ANY TIME.Every snowboarder or skier is obliged to control their speed of descents constantly. You must choose your slope according to the level of your technical and physical training, and also pay attention to the number of people on the slope and weather conditions.

Rule 3 - CHOOSE A ROUTE.Every snowboarder or skier should choose for himself a route along the slopes in such a way as never to endanger everyone traveling in front of him. Indeed, in a collision, it is always the one who moved at the moment of contact from above that is always to blame.

Rule 4 - Overtaking.A snowboarder or skier can overtake another snowboarder or skier to the right and left, top, bottom, provided that he leaves ample space for another skier to overtake for any unintentional or intentional maneuvers, including stopping.

Rule 5 - EXITING THE SLOPES AND THE BEGINNING OF YOUR MOVEMENT.When going down the slopes or starting downhill, after stopping, each snowboarder or skier should look around so as not to endanger others or himself by any means.

Rule 6 - STOP ON A SLOPE.Without extreme need, you should avoid any stops in narrow and poorly visible places, for excesses, for turns. In the event of a fall in such places, the snowboarder or skier must leave the place of fall as quickly as possible - crawl to the edge of the track, or leave.

Rule 7 - Ascent to the slope and downhill on foot. Climbing to the track or going down on foot (and / or skiing) is possible only along the edge of the track.

Rule 8 - FOLLOW THE MARKING AND SIGNS. Andorra ski resorts world ratings and each snowboarder or skier must observe the markings and all signs found on the tracks, as well as all the instructions of the staff serving the track.

Rule 9 - HELP.In case of accidents, every snowboarder or skier should provide all possible assistance.

Rule 10 - EXCHANGE OF COORDINATES.Every snowboarder or skier, as well as any witnesses, whether they are responsible persons or not, must exchange addresses and names after accidents.
Here is the basic information that those who are interested in skiing should know. Have a good run!

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Champoluc after heavy snow last winter

Champoluc after heavy snow last winter.
Champoluc is a picturesque quiet village. As a resort, it focuses more on family vacations, but lovers of extreme sensations are among the regular guests. Champoluc is the center of the Monte Rosa ski area, which is unofficially called the “Italian Three Valleys”.
The ski area got its name in honor of the Monte Rosa massif, which dominates the surrounding landscape: Dufour peak reaches an altitude of 4634 meters. The three valleys of the skiing region connected by a single network of lifts - Alanya-Valsesia, Val de Ayas (Champoluc is located here) and Gressoney - provide fantastic opportunities for off-piste skiing.

Is there such a thing as too much snow? That week, when I arrived in Champoluc in the Italian province of Valle d’Aosta, it seemed to me that the whole village was buried under the snow. The trees looked like dense clouds of cotton candy, cars were hiding under huge snowdrifts, and it would take days to dig them out. The air itself sparkled with frost.
Every morning, a fresh set of hastily printed warning posters appeared on the walls of the Chalet Champoluc. “High avalanche hazard,” one said. “Do not enter the area near the church.”
You know, the situation will seem serious to anyone, even if going to church is a dangerous adventure.
Maybe we are on the verge of an era when winters will gradually disappear, but that was one of the rare weeks when life in the resort freezes due to heavy snowfall.

At first I was delighted because I had long dreamed of riding the famous freeride slopes of the Monte Rosa region. And the better the freeride, the deeper the powder.
I came with a group of old friends. We had our children with us, who, we hoped, would soon be able to hone their basic skiing skills in the friendly atmosphere of the resort’s ski school and would appreciate the 180-kilometer network of trails in the three valleys. But the snow ruined our plans: the school did not work, the increased avalanche hazard did not allow us to cross the slopes, and the connection with other resorts in the region - Gressoney and Alanya - was closed.

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Ski: “PROS” and “CONS”

A limited number of open ski slopes led to large concentrations of people near the ski lifts and triggered an increase in accidents. The problem recurred in February – due to the high daytime temperatures and the lack of snow, most ski slopes again became bare. Snow cannons do not work on all the slopes.

Thus, planning a trip to Andorra in advance could lead to coming across bad skiing conditions.

The Principality does not have its own airport or railway station and you can only get to Andorra by bus or private transport. This means that, for example, from London, taking into account a two-hour flight, waiting for a bus and a four-hour journey to Andorra, takes a whole day.

At the same time, the price of a bus from Barcelona to Andorra is much higher compared to similar destinations within Europe due to the monopoly the Principality has on these routes. The price for a one-way ticket is almost 35 euros for 200 km, and, for example, the fares of the Spanish Alsa company to travel from Barcelona to Madrid (more than 600 km) is only 16 euros.

Andorra has faced a transport crisis in recent years. Only two roads connect it with the rest of the world: N145 leads from Spain and N22 from France. The road from France is a “serpentine”, it has not been modernized for many years, and therefore it is often blocked in winter even when there has only been a few centimetres of snow because of the danger of avalanches. Therefore, the French themselves often prefer to get to Andorra via Spain on the N145.

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Baqueira/​Beret esquí: El Nadal arriba Baqueira Beret amb múltiples activitats

Del 24 de desembre al 5 de gener a Baqueira Beret podràs gaudir d’una gran varietat d’activitats per celebrar les festes nadalenques a la nostra estació.

Començarem amb la visita del Pare Noël als més petits i no tan petits el proper 24 de desembre, on recorrerà gran part de l’estació en trineu amb gossos.

A Baqueira Beret acomiadarem l’any amb la ja tradicional baixada de torxes acompanyada d’un castell de focs artificials.

El dia 1 de gener podràs gaudir del concert benèfic d’any nou, amb el títol “CANTATES I MÚSICA DE CAMBRA”. Els fons recaptats es donaran a la organització Món en Harmonia.

Per finalitzar com cada any, cavalcada dels Reis Mags d’Orient en màquines de neu.





00:15. – Arribada de PAPA NOËL a Beret davant d’Era Escòla, al peu de la Torre de Control.

00:45. – Arribada de PAPA NOËL en trineu de gossos a la cota 1800 de Baqueira, al costat d’Era Escòla, a la base de la Torre de Control.

13.30h. – Visita de PAPA NOËL al Parc Infantil de Baqueira 1800.


19.30h.- MISSA a l’Església de Baqueira.


(Prèvia inscripció, pagament i recollida de polsera d’accés)

19.30h.- Trobada al telecadira del Bosc i pujada a la cota 1800.

19.40h.- Tancament del telecadira.



24.00h.- FESTA DE CAP D’ANY a les discoteques, pubs i restaurants de la Vall.


19.30h.- CONCERT D’ANY NOU a l’Església de Baqueira a favor de MUNDOEN ARMONÍA.


Andrea JIMÉNEZ, soprano

Claudi ARIMANY, flauta

Marc RENAU, violoncel

Eduard SÁNCHEZ, flauta

Pedro Rodríguez, clavicèmbal


18.15h.- XOCOLATADA I COCA, al costat de les oficines de Baqueira 1500.

18.30h.- Arribada de la CAVALCADA DELS REIS MAGS en màquines trepitjaneu des de la cota 1800 de Baqueira fins a les oficines de l’Estació.

19.00h.- MISSA a l’Església de Baqueira.

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Andorra ski

Europe best ski: Andorra

13 “PROS” for best ski Andorra

1. Andorra is one of the safest countries in the world for tourism and living.

2. Andorra ski infrastructure is included in the top 15 rating in the world.

3. Andorra’s ski system has the maximum percentage of ski lift systems per square meter in the world, with a capacity of about 160 thousand people per hour.

4. Andorra’s ski map contains 182 ski slopes (340 km) in total, as well as several other areas for winter sports and extreme activities. Thus, the area offers ski for both beginners and for the more experienced.

5. Annually, on the slopes of Andorra, the most important international sporting ski events take place : the stages of the World and European Championships in alpine skiing and snowboarding, the World and European Cups in Alpine skiing, Total Fight Masters of Freestyle, the Freeride World Tour, the Cup “Flying kilometer”. According to experts, the Andorran slopes are one of the best in the world for such events.

6. Being the cheapest in Europe, Andorra is one of the most popular too. This is not because of low quality services, but because it has the the lowest VAT in Europe (4.5%). That’s why prices for accommodation, ski equipment, restaurants, services and entertainment in Andorra are 15-20% lower than similar offers in the Alpine resorts. The low rate of VAT makes Andorra a European shopping centre.

7. According to the 2016 International Report on Snow & Mountain Tourism, Grandvalira (Andorra’s largest resort) now takes 15th place among the world’s best resorts. 2 years ago the resort occupied 20th place among 2500 ranked ski countries. It’s also noted in the report that there were only 47 resorts in the world which get more than 1 million skiers per season. Last year Grandvalira had nearly 1.7 million tourists.

8. During the season of 2004/2005 the ski systems of Pal – Arinsal and Ordino – Arcalis merged their commercial interests under the name of Vallnord. With a universal skipass visitors have access to the slopes of both lift systems. Today VALLNORD encompasses an area of 67 slopes and has the capacity to hold 55,690 skiers per hour. In 2014 the World Ski Awards gave the title of the best resort in Andorra to Vallnord for the second time.

9. Andorra is the sunniest winter place in Europe. The season here begins on 1st December (sometimes earlier depending on the snow conditions) and lasts until mid-April. During winter nights the temperature is usually below zero, and in the daytime rises up to + 10C. The depth of snow cover varies from 50 to 300 cm. The peculiarity of the Andorran winter is that you can come across snow in the mountains and at the same time blooming flowers in the capital Andorra la Vella, which is located within a 10-minute drive.

10. Andorra – is the only place in Europe which offers active ski sports with the thermal baths of CALDEA INUU SPA. The complex covers an area of over 30 thousand square meters and is situated at an altitude of 1,100 meters. Caldea is the biggest center of mountain thermal waters in Europe. The temperature of the thermal springs is 70C, and the waters are rich with sulfur, mineral salts, sodium as well with thermal plankton.

11. Unlike other European resorts, all entertainment infrastructures (restaurants, discos, cinemas, concert halls) can be found within a 20 minute drive from the ski lifts, in the capital, Andorra La Vella. Andorra today has ultra – modern tourist infrastructure. The country is visited by over 8 million people annually, while the population of the Principality is about 70 thousand people.

12. More than 30% of the territory of Andorra is a unique natural park under UNESCO protection.

13. There are more than 20 museums and more than 30 monuments of Romanesque and pre-Romanesque architecture in Andorra (within an area of 468 sq. km). The oldest Church of Andorra dates back to the XI-XII centuries and is known for its small size and simplicity. Its only ornament is it’s perfect harmony with nature. Andorra is the 14th oldest country in the world.




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In terms of the upcoming Winter Olympics-2022, SKIMO could be on the list of Olympic disciplines, said the President of the Andorran Federation of Ski-Mountaineering, Jaume Esteve

The President of the Andorran Federation of - (Federació Andorrana de Muntanyisme), Jaume Esteve, told that in terms of the upcoming Winter Olympics-2022, (Ski-Mountaineering) could be on the list of Olympic disciplines.

“This year, Andorra once again held one of the stages of the ISMF World Cup Font Blanca , which in 2018 began in the Wanlong ski resort in China – now the candidate for hosting the Olympic Games in 2022. It should be noted that the International Ski Mountaineering Federation (ISMF) held the in China for the first time. The continued in Swiss Villars, then athletes from 13 countries arrived at the Vallnord ski resort in Andorra.

In addition, open competitions were held in Andorra on January 28, in Arinsal, where 117 athletes took part. There were vertical races held on two pistes: one with an incline of 730 m (men, women and young men) and the other 465 m (girls). Individual SKIMO races in Arcalis were cancelled due to strong winds and poor visibility the day before, on January 27.

The number of participants in open competitions this year proves that this sport is evolving, becoming more professional and more popular among highly-trained athletes. This is easy to explain – ski mountaineering gives you a great freedom – “with skis in your backpack” you can climb to any peak covered by snow, enjoy the beauty of landscapes far from civilization, and then with dizzying speed, descend.

For Andorra, holding such a competition is a matter of prestige. The organizing committee did a good job – for the first time in the history of the ISMF, a live broadcast of the vertical race was conducted both on Andorran television in Catalan and in English via the official ISMF website and social networks. Read full interview:

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World Cup Speed Skiing stage “Flying Kilometer” will take place in Grandvalira, Andorra, from 5 to 7 April 2018

Cup Skiing stage “Flying Kilometer” will take place in Grandvalira, Andorra, from 5 to 7 April 2018

As usual, the competitions of this season take place on the track Riberal, Grandvalira sector – Grau Roig. This track is the only one in the southern part of Europe made for this type of competitions. Its total length – 900 meters, the braking zone – 450 m, vertical drop – 200 m (plus an additional 10 meters of a special descent tower). The maximum gradient of 74% helps skiers reach speeds up to 200 km/h. Last year, the Swiss Philippe May set a on the track, having a speed of 199.56 km/h.

“Flying Kilometer” – competition, which combines speed, technique and skills of the athletes. The first competitions were held in 1930 in St. Moritz, where the first speed record was traced at 139 km/h. Currently speed record – 252.632 km/h.

This year Speed Skiing stage will consist of three races. The competition will be attended by men and women.

Last year, the winner of the competition was Bastien Montes (on the right in the photo, next to Jan Farrell).

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FWT riders hunting down the world title will get their third chance to “Hold The Line” during the competition weather window extending from March 1-7 at the Andorran freeride capital

In seven days, FWT athletes hungry for crucial points in the world title race will descend on the majestic Pyreneen peaks of Andorra, kicking off the European leg of the five-stop 2018 season. Local pro and Andorran ski hero Dani Fornell-Prat (AND) will receive the local wild card and join the current roster of top freeriders.

Following two action-packed competitions in Kicking Horse, Golden, BC, Canada, momentum is soaring as the FWT competitors begin to hone in on the road to the Grand Finale in Verbier in April.

Along with the highly-anticipated showdown of the world’s best freeriders, fans and spectators alike will benefit from a full schedule of events throughout the week. The official ceremony in Ordino will kick things off on Friday, March 2, and the atmosphere will be buzzing as always in the event village in Arcalís from March 3-4, which includes a free ski test. The week concludes with the FWT Party in Ordino on Saturday, March 3, before riders head off to Fieberbrunn, Austria.

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The hosting of the Alpine skiing European Cup and the Alpine skiing World Cup final in Andorra will provoke an increase in property prices, says Josep Mandico, the mayor of Canillo

From 12th to 18th March Andorra will hold the Alpine European Cup final (men and women), which will be attended by athletes from all European countries. During the lead up to the competition, the mayor of the administrative district of (where the competitions will be held), the president of the organizing committee, Josep Mandicó, told about the preparations for this sporting event, as well as the possible impact of such events on the economy of the country.

“About 120 skiers who will take part in the competitions are going to arrive in Andorra on March 12th. Competitions will be held on two ski slopes – Abet in Soldeu (it is prepared for competitions in technical disciplines – GS and SL) and Aliga in El Tarter (for competitions in Super-G and Downhill disciplines).

12th and 13th March are the training days. The competition will begin on March 14th (men’s giant slalom and the women’s downhill) and will continue on March 15th (men’s slalom and women’s Super-G), March 16th (women’s giant slalom and men’s Super-G), March 17th (women’s slalom) and on March 18th (men’s downhill).

The budget of the event is estimated to be about 350 thousand euros. The main organizer and investor is ENSISA (a joint-stock company that controls the ski sectors in Soldeu, el Tarter and Canillo). Several local Andorran companies (banks, hotels, etc.) are ENSISA’s partners.

The entire infrastructure is completely ready for the event, including the entertainment part. All fans and skiers are invited to a special “après-ski” party in Abarset bar.

The European Cup is a kind of test before one of the main events in the skiing world – the , which will be held in Andorra next year. 25 of the best sportsmen in the world will take part in this competition. As this is a much more famous event, it requires more serious preparation and a larger budget – estimated at about 2 million euros.

The government of Andorra is also financing the construction of additional infrastructure at the finish line at the foot of the Avet track. New elements made to the infrastructure will improve the safety of the route. The entire new infrastructure will cover an area of 11,300m². Read more:

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