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How to buy a castle in Europe?

An unexpected continuation of the topic of restitution was the presentation in the Golden, the former Knight's hall of semi-armor - the same age as the Orphan. Sergey Yegoreychenko, deputy director of the Nesvizh nature reserve, uncovered incredible details of the history of this subject: - In 1926 - 1928, the Radziwills sold more than 230 items from their collection at western auctions. They were acquired by the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, the London British Museum, the Paris Army Museum, and some of them fell into Chicago. Through Christie’s auction, half armor was bought for the John Higgins collection in Massachusetts, which is now being partially sold off. So we acquired, and in fact, returned a rarity from the US to Nesvizh. All rules to buy a castle are available here:
The weapon history researcher Yuri Bokhan helped to attribute the find and date it to the 16th century. Professor Olga Bazhenova estimated that the Radziwill family already has 17 generations and each of them had bright personalities: “Research on their life and work makes it possible for modern Belarusian science to grow”. Sergei Klimov, taking this opportunity, presented a collection of scientific articles about Black - the Father of the Orphan. And Mr. Matei added: “The Radziwills were always concerned about the preservation of cultural traditions. It is nice that there are those in Belarus who keep the things created by my ancestors. ”

The ancient Japanese castle Matsue - the heart of the city of the same name, the capital of Shimane Prefecture - invites tourists to admire the cherry blossoms. According to weather forecasters, white-pink clouds of blossoming buds will cover Matsue in late March - early April. Samurai Castle, surrounded by a beautiful garden and park - a suitable place to contemplate the cherry trees, because Japanese cherry is a symbol of a warrior, a samurai.
Most foreign tourists do not know that Sakura is considered a male flower, a sign of courage and courage. The fact is that the petals of Japanese cherry fall, not starting to dry when they are still fresh and full of life. From here the metaphor about the warrior was born, ready to die in the prime of life. Therefore, the samurai decorated their helmets, weapons or armor with the image of a Sakura flower. By the way, in the castle Matsue works a wonderful museum dedicated to military history, with ancient armor and weapons.

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European Castles average price

The orphan grew up in a Protestant family - this religion in the middle of the 16th century was maintained by Black and almost all magnates and commoners of Lithuania and Belarus joined him. Orphan's father founded the first printing presses on the territory of our country - in Brest and Nesvizh. The son changed the religion of the parent, returned to Catholicism. He became the second of the inhabitants of Belarus, who made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land - after Euphrosyne of Polotsk. To the 400th anniversary of the death of Mikolaj Krzysztof Radziwill in Nesvizhsky castle celebrations of the international level took place. They were organized by the National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve "Nesvizh" and the castle complex "Mir".
Matei and Mikolaj Radziwill arrived from Warsaw and a person who knows about Orphan more than anyone else - researcher Tomasz Kemp from Bydgoszcz. Olga Popko, director of the Mir castle complex, presented the Belarusian translation of Professor Kempa’s book on the Orphan: “His work for me and my colleagues is a reference book. Now everyone can read it. In contrast to the Polish edition of 2000, at our request, Tomasz Kempa supplemented the research with the latest findings, and Belarusian scientists Alexey Shalanda and Anastasia Skepian made their clarifications.
For the first time, the letters of the Orphan, published in the Pinsk Museum of Belarusian Polesie History by the head of the department of scientific and educational work of the National Art Museum Nadezhda Usova, are published. Despite the fact that Orphan, like his father Cherny, became the distributors of Polish culture in our lands, nevertheless in Poland, Professor Kemp regrets, these figures know little - the memory of them is stronger in Belarus. Matei Radziwill, as always, arrived in Nesvizh Castle not empty-handed and donated the family tree of his family, specifying: "Only Stanislav, born a week ago, is not listed in the pedigree." However, clarifications in the history of this family, apparently, will be made constantly for a castle price..
Prince Matei gave a copy of the portrait of Michal Kazimierz Radzivill to the Nesvizh Nature Reserve, the original of which was accidentally discovered in Liverpool, as well as one of the editions of the map of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania created in the XVII century by order of the Orphan: her possessions of her ancestors: I received her from an old lady in Kletsk several years ago, then I restored and understood her place in Nesvizh. Sergei Kvachan, Director of the Presidential Library, came with a gift. He handed over to the director of the Nesvizh Reserve, Sergei Klimov, 6 CDs with digitized books from the Radziwill Library, which were exported to Minsk in 1939: - It is symbolic that in our day the valuables are not exported from Nesvizh, but returned.

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The daily rent of Buckingham Castle was estimated at 1.3 million euros.

The daily rent of Buckingham Castle was estimated at 1.3 million euros. In a hypothetical situation in which the royal family would decide to put the Queen’s residence in London for rent, an overnight stay in Buckingham Palace would cost 1,318,660 euros.
Specialists have found that if the royal family decides to rent it, then it can receive £ 1.04 million (over 1.3 million euros) per day.
This figure assumes that all the bedrooms in the palace will be occupied, and each guest will be ready to donate ten thousand pounds sterling (12.7 thousand euros) for the right to spend the night in such apartments. The cost, experts say, is strongly influenced by former and current residents of the castle rent.
In addition, Buckingham Palace is perfect for organizing large-scale parties and dinner parties. Another place where you can throw a feast is the official residence of the Prime Minister on Downing Street - the house accommodates up to 60 guests. Its rent is estimated at 62 thousand pounds sterling (78.4 thousand euros) per night.
The Windsor castle with 225 bedrooms will cost each guest five thousand pounds sterling (6.3 thousand euros) or more than 2.25 million pounds sterling (2.85 million euros) in total. To spend the night in the former home of the Beckham couple will cost eight thousand pounds sterling (over 10 thousand euros). The house has seven bedrooms, a recording studio and a gym. The cheapest is renting a house where Shakespeare was born - only £ 500 per night (630 euros). 400 years ago Mikolaj Krzysztof Radziwill the Orphan passed away. He did not know that he had built two objects for Belarus that would make her famous in the UNESCO World Heritage List - the castle in Nesvizh and the palace in the Mir Castle.
The orphan ordered to build the first church in Eastern Europe in the Baroque style - God's Body in Nesvizh. There lie the remains of the prince - in the family crypt, which he himself founded in the temple. Metropolitan of Minsk-Mogilev Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz personally celebrated a mass in memory of the magnate. Priesthood from the temples of the World, Chernivtsy, Novyi Sverzhen, were present at the service - they were also founded by the Orphan.
The great wealth left us this prince. And the riddle: no one has yet revealed the secret of the nickname Mikolaj Krzysztof Radziwill. After all, he was by no means an orphan. Mikolaj and Matey Radzivill brought their family tree for Nesvizh and Mirsky castles. Born in the family of Lithuanian aristocrat Mykolaj Radziwill of Chorny and noble Pole Elzbety Shidlovetskaya in the estate Chmelevo near Krakow. But it was the Belarusian Nesvizh when the Orphan became the main residence of the Radzivils among many possessions in different lands.

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French castles owners

One of the richest people in China, the chairman of the board of directors of the Alibaba Group, Jack Ma, bought the French Château de Sours castle. The amount of the transaction is not reported to the press.
Manor vineyards stretch over 80 hectares. About 500 thousand bottles of wine are produced there every year. Chateau de Sur belongs to the XVIII century, the date of its construction is 1785.
According to sources in Bordeaux, extensive repairs are already underway at the castle. Specialists work on the facade of the castle, its courtyard and garden, and limestone cellars behind the estate are also being restored. The Chinese entrepreneur plans to revive abandoned basements, which, due to the high cost of restoration work, have not been used for many years, and then, in addition to using them for their primary purpose - storing wine - open a wine museum here.
The future plans of Ma - the creation of a "mini-Versailles" in the area of Entre-de-Mer (Entre-Deux-Mers). All work is carried out by an architectural bureau that worked on the restoration of the Château Cheval Blanc castle.
Chateau de Sur previously belonged to the Englishman Martin Krajewski. It is known that in the foreseeable future he will remain as a consultant responsible for production and marketing. Krajewski also owns vineyards in South Africa, where he already receives a second crop, as well as a distillery in Oslo - the first private distillery in Norway since 1927, where gin, aquavit and tinctures are currently produced. In the summer you have the opportunity to live in France, having participated in the restoration of an old military castle. Castle: Former military castle Fort de Juy, built in 1885 in the village of Zhevil. Dates of work: from July 9 to July 24, 2016.
What is to be done: the program participants will take part in the restoration of the castle together with French volunteers, helping with brick laying, painting and maintenance. Work requires physical endurance!
Volunteers are provided accommodation in a country cottage. Requirements: age 18+, knowledge of English. You can ask questions and sign up for an interview with a responsible employee (on the social network VKontakte - olga_khomutinina). Limited number of seats!

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Built for 1.9 million euros to protect against the German troops, the castle fortress is sold for 443,000 euros.

Built for 1.9 million euros to protect against the German troops, the castle fortress is sold for 443,000 euros.
The construction of the Haile Sand Fort, a sea fort located in the middle of the sea between Cleethorpes and Humberston off the coast of Lincolnshire, took 40,000 tons of concrete and steel. The majestic fortress was built between 1915 and 1918 in order to protect the east coast of the country.
For the construction of the fortress, the British authorities spent 1.9 million euros. Built for defense during the First World War, the fortress was also used to defend against fascist troops during the Second World War. In the fort were based 200 officers of the armed forces of Great Britain.
After the war, the fortress was used by the country's army until 1956. Until the 1960s, civilians were housed here.
As stated in the announcement of the real estate agency, the fortress has great potential. There is a roof terrace with panoramic views, spacious rooms and plenty of free space. The visit must be pre-booked on the website of the association. The spring opening of the magnificent Nymph Garden, the Giardino di Ninfa, the natural monument of the Lazio region since 2000 and the oasis of the World Wide Fund for Nature, will take place on Easter, March 27 and 28.
The name of the garden, located in the municipality of Chisterna di Latina, refers to the Roman Nymphs Nayadas, the goddesses of spring water. This territory from the eighth century AD was donated by Emperor Constantine Pope Zechariah; here, on the road between Rome and the southern part of the Appian Way, the fortress of Ninfa was built near other Pyrenean famous castles.
After the eleventh century, Ninfa (or Nymph) became a real city and was associated with several families that ruled the territories for many centuries: Tuscolo, Frangipani and Kaetani. Pietro II Caetani, Pope Boniface VIII's nephew, ordered the expansion of Ninfa Castle, adding walls and erecting a tower. The castle was destroyed in 1382 by the will of Onorato Caetani, who supported Pope Clement VII and opposed Urban VI.
The city and fortress were never rebuilt and were buried under thick ivy branches. In the sixteenth century, Cardinal Nicola III Caetani, a lover of botany, decided to create a garden on the site of the ruined town and commissioned the design to Francesco da Volterra. But after the death of Cardinal, the garden was abandoned again. Only at the end of the nineteenth century, Onorato Kaetani’s wife, Ada Wilbraham Bootle, decided to revive the Nymph Garden: Kaetani took care of draining the swamps and ordered new trees, plants and flowers to be planted in the garden, and also to restore the ruins, including the baron’s palace, which became a family holiday home and currently is the headquarters of the Roffredo Caetani Foundation. Today the Nymph Garden is a blooming oasis where a huge number of plant species grows - from cherry trees to an endless variety of species of exquisite roses. The mild climate of the area allows the cultivation of tropical plants such as avocados, South American gunners and banana trees. Plant species planted in the garden provide shelter to many species of animals and, in particular, more than 100 species of birds.

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A competition has been announced for the post of director of Belgorod-Dniester castle.

A competition has been announced for the post of director of Belgorod-Dniester castle. The requirements for candidates are not entirely simple. So, candidates should have a higher education and work experience as a manager. The future director should know the laws of Ukraine in the field of the protection of cultural heritage, as well as international legal acts ratified by Ukraine. An unusual condition is that the candidate must have a concept and plan for the development of the fortress.
Anyone who sees himself as the leader of the Akkerman fortress can bring an application and the necessary documents until March 17.
Accept documents in the Office of Culture, Nationalities, Religions and the Protection of the Cultural Heritage of the Odessa Regional State Administration at the address: 83, Kanatnaya.
First of all, the commission will decide on the admission of the candidate to the competition. Next will pass consideration candidates.
You can view the list of documents on the website of the Office under the heading News. An unusual Easter event will take place at the ruins of the Okhorzh castle - knight celebrations. A real jousting tournament, historical music, theatrical and puppet shows, sports fencing or hangman art, dance performances and much more await you.
On the spot, of course, there will be a real medieval market with various goodies and other goods. Family ticket includes 2 special coins of par value of 70 CZK each. They can be spent on the market or left as a keepsake.
The program of the event:
10:00 - grand opening (The exhibition : Most famous castles in Catalonia"
10:10 - historical music - Řešeto
10:45 - theater performance
11:25 - Historical music - Ella duet
11:50 - “About three knights, a beautiful lady and a linen shirt” - a fairy tale with fencing - Allgor
12:30 - historical music - Bakchus
13:00 - demonstration of sports fencing - USK Praha
13:30 - Swan Dance - Hannah Dancer
13:40 - “Little Animals and Rogues” - puppet theater
14:30 - historical music - Ella duet
14:45 - “Dance with Sabers” - Hannah dancer
15:00 - “Royal Knight Tournament” - Allgor
15:40 - historical music - Bakchus
16:00 - Theater Řešeto
16:35 - "Recruitment" - knight training for boys and girls
17:00 - historical music - Ella duet
17:15 - art of executioner
17:40 - historical music - Bakchus
18:00 - solemn closing

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From March 4, the rates for visiting the Vyborg Castle

From March 4, the rates for visiting the Vyborg Castle and the Yalkal Historical and Ethnographic Museum-Reserve will change. Information about this appeared in social networks, in groups dedicated to the activities of the Vyborg Museum-Reserve. The changes caused a discussion among the inhabitants of Vyborg. Many consider prices reasonable and believe that everything that is done will only benefit the urban dominant.
Museum:adults - 100 rubles,children (under 16) - free of chargechildren (from 16 to 18) and preferential - 80 rubles.Foreign citizens - 100 rubles.
St. Olaf Tower:adults - 80 rubles,children (from 16 to 18 years old) and preferential - 60 rubles,children (under 16) - free of charge.Foreign citizens - 80 rubles.
Showroom:adults - 100 rubles,children (under 16) - free of chargechildren (from 16 to 18) and preferential - 80 rubles.Foreign citizens - 100 rubles.
Open storage "Underwater archeology":adults - 60 rubles,children (under 16) - free of chargechildren (from 16 to 18) and preferential - 40 rubles,University students - for free.Foreign citizens - 60 rubles.
General ticket (museum)adults -340 rubles,children (under 16) - free of chargechildren (from 16 to 18 years old) - 220 rubles,University students - for free.Pensioners - 260 rubles.Foreign citizens - 340 rubles.
Interactive exhibition "Reconstruction of the Middle Ages"adults -150 rubles,children (under 16) - 100 rubles,children (from 16 to 18 years old) - 150 rubles,University students - 150 rubles,Pensioners - 50 rubles.Foreign citizens - 150 rubles.
The cost of interactive programs:Craft yard (entrance ticket) - 100 rubles."Craft yard" (participation in master classes) - 300 rubles."Luchny shooting" 150 rubles.“Knightly tournament” (group up to 50 people, 2 accompanying free of charge) 8 000 rubles."Bride price" 10 000 rubles.Thematic tour (group of up to 25 people, 2 accompanying free) - 1 000 rubles.Thematic tour “Knight's Hall” (a group of up to 25 people, 2 accompanying free) - 1 000 rubles.Thematic tour “Torture Chamber” (a group of up to 25 people, 2 accompanying free) - 1 000 rubles.Sightseeing tour (a group of up to 25 people, 2 accompanying free) - 2 000 rubles.City tour (a group of up to 25 people, 2 accompanying free) - 2 500 rubles. The exhibition "The exterior of the castles of Spain".

Master classes and subscriptions.Master class number 1 "Sculpting on a potter's wheel" (individual visit) - 500 rublesMaster class number 2 "Sculpting products by hand (individual visit) - 500 rublesFamily subscription number 1 (3 classes, a group of up to 4 people) - 1500 rubles.Family ticket number 2 (3 classes, a group of up to 7 people) - 2500 rubles.Subscription for schoolchildren (modeling on a potter's wheel and painting clay products, 2 classes) - 350 rubles.

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In Nesvizh Castle there is an amazing place that is visited daily by hundreds of tourists - the chapel.

In Nesvizh Castle there is an amazing place that is visited daily by hundreds of tourists - the chapel.
The chapel is a chapel or a chapel, most often catholic. Such chapels were built in ancient Russia. Modest, without unnecessary decoration, simple in architectural form and interior decoration.
Wealthy people had their own chapels. They prayed in families. Representatives of the noble family of the Radziwills also had their own chapel. This chapel appeared in the castle on June 18, 1758. And although the palace has existed since the end of the 16th century, for a long time there was no chapel inside its walls, the Radziwills visited city temples. Every day, Count Mathias von Breitenbach arrives at the supermarket in the small town of Sonneberg when the price for fresh food falls. He buys five sacks of cabbage and carrots, loads them in a Porsche and carries him to his castle Unterlind. Rabbits cost the graph daily at 120 euros. The count himself is also a vegetarian and doesn’t touch eared ones.
“I took 14 rabbits a year and a half ago from a neighbor,” says von Breitenbach. - I, a vegetarian, became sad at the thought that someone would eat them. Four males and 10 females I put in different pens. But soon these ten females were already waiting for posterity. It turned out that one male "infiltrated" in the ranks of females. All the rabbits in a month gave birth to eight to ten babies. So I got 100 rabbits. And now I have a thousand of them! Today I see my rabbits at the cafe door, at bus stops, along the road ... What to do? I could not tightly fence my castle, because the herbivores will make a hole and still escape to the neighbors.
- Are there any pets among rabbits and exterior of the castles of France?
- Wotan - the father of the first offspring. When I sowed him from the females, he from the anger of all the males in the pen, bit him to the blood. Actor Til Schweiger wants to build a house for refugees, and you sheltered rabbits.
- Everyone does what is within his competence. My task is to help animals. Rabbits did not make my life calmer, but they made me more responsible.
- I saw our old GAZ among your rare cars.
- I drive firewood in it. He is over 30 years old, and travels in any weather. It does not have electronics, but it works better than any of my machines. No matter, gasoline or diesel - "eats" everything. There is still in my fleet "Ural", which I bought from neighbors.

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This is a record number even in comparison with 2014, when the number of visitors to Italian castles increased by 6%

This is a record number even in comparison with 2014, when the number of visitors to Italian castles increased by 6%, and funds from tickets sold - by 14%. Not only tourists, but also Italians themselves, began to visit museums more often thanks to the free entrance on the first Sunday of the month.
The most popular museums of such regions as Lazio, Campania, Tuscany, Piedmont and Lombardy. The largest increase in visitors was in the museums of Piedmont (+ 10%), Basilicata (+ 13%), Apulia (+ 5%), Tuscany (+ 3%), Campania (+ 7%) and Emilia-Romagna (+ 9% ).
The top ten most visited attractions include the Colosseum, Pompeii, the Uffizi Gallery, the Academy Gallery in Florence, the Castle of the Holy Angel, the Boboli and Argenti museum complexes, the Egyptian Museum of Turin, the Royal Palace of Venaria, the Borghese Gallery and the Royal Palace in Caserta. The castle of Rahadel (Castell de Rajadell), according to written sources, was built before 1063, because this year it was bought by Count Ramon Berenguer to protect his lands from the attacks of the Cordoba caliphate (his troops often attempted to attack the western lands of Barcelona County burning and robbing settlements). But the castle did not immediately become known as Rahadel, but only in the XIII century. Then its owners were members of the Rahadel family. The knights who bore this name, distinguished themselves by courage and courage, manifested in many battles. It is their names that are in the historical chronicle and became one of the most important in the stories about fearlessness. During the civil war with King John II, Rahadel, who was on the way of the royal troops to Barcelona, was defeated, ravaged and burned. But, despite significant damage, the owners restored it. At the beginning of the XVI century. The owners of the castle went bankrupt and are forced to sell it through bidding. As a result, until the XIX century. Rahadel changed one owner to another interior of the Spanish castles.

But during the Civil War of the XX century. the castle was requisitioned, and all valuables were confiscated (the same fate befell other similar defense installations). "Father of the Fatherland" Czechs called Charles IV. His services to the country, and especially to Prague, are obvious. Charles University, Charles Bridge, and the city of Karlovy Vary are not by chance the name of the great emperor. May marks the 700th anniversary of his birth. Celebrations dedicated to the anniversary will undoubtedly become the most important cultural event of the year. The first sign is an educational exhibition in the Waldstein Palace, where visitors can learn all the details about the great importance of Charles IV for the Czech Republic. The exhibition will run until June 12.

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The main tourist attraction of Mukachevo, Palanok Castle, can be seen after a few kilometers in Mukachevo

The main tourist attraction of Mukachevo, Palanok Castle, can be seen after a few kilometers in Mukachevo. It is based on a 68-meter extinct volcano. The city is somewhere below, and the outpost is open to all eyes and winds, and only behind, in the north, rise the volcanic Carpathians.
Studio Falcon, unveiled a spectacular movie with beautiful castles and fortresses of Ukraine. “Nine of the most famous castles and fortresses of Ukraine, nine real pearls of the Ukrainian history of different periods - this is only a part of what we wanted to remove from a bird's-eye view. In 2015, we traveled thousands of kilometers to look at this beauty from a different angle and show it to anyone interested in the past of Ukraine, ”the video description says.
Mukachevo castle Palanok got into the movie. The luxurious Castle of La Croix des Gardes overlooking the Cannes Bay is put up for sale by the French company Perrier (French Perrier), which has owned it for 56 years. You can buy the largest property in Cannes for $ 53.5 million. The building was built in 1919.
In 1955, the castle was used by the famous American director Alfred Hitchcock as the main film set for the film “To Catch a Thief” (To Catch a Thief), where the main roles were played by Cary Grant and Grace Kelly, who next year married the Prince of Monaco Renier Iii. They say that she adored the Castle of la Croix des Garde, and especially she liked his majesty and interior decoration of the French castles.
The painting "Catch a Thief" was the last joint project of Grace and Hitchcock. Although the actress she achieved great success, at the age of 26 she ceased to act in films, since after the wedding she had many official duties that took a lot of time. In 1982, Grace Kelly died tragically in a car accident. She was only 52 years old.
The Countess's favorite castle is located on a 24 acre green area. Well-groomed lawns in front of the building add to its grandeur. Inside there are 13 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms and a lot of free space to hold lush parties, inviting a large number of guests.

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