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ost of the time is devoted to the socialization of the child, his acquisition of communication skills with peers and adults, outdoor games


ost of the time is devoted to the socialization of the child, his acquisition of communication skills with peers and adults, outdoor gamesLearn French for free. French education system in Andorra (education in France)
The presence of the French education system in Andorra is at the origins of the history of Andorra, which, since the opening of the first schools in different parishes since 1900, has played an important role together with the Spanish educational system in creating and shaping the national educational system of Andorra.

The legal status of French schools is regulated in 1982 with the adoption of the Decree on schools and lyceums by the President of France and co-Prince of Andorra.
The provisions of the new Agreement between the Government of Andorra and the Government of the French Republic in the field of education (2004) support free public education provided by French educational institutions in the Principality. In addition, it makes it possible to issue an Andorran-type diploma by some special institutions, confirmed by a French diploma and in accordance with the education received in general educational institutions of the French Republic.
The French education system (education in France) is also divided into preschool and school: école primaire (maternel élémentaire) and école secondaire. There are seven French public schools in Andorra: École Francaise d'Escaldes, École Francaise d'Andorra la Vella, École Francaise de Canillo, École Francaise de Sant Julia de Loria, École Francaise d'Encamp, École Francaise del Pas de Casa Lyceum - Lycee Compte de Foix. The French education system is the same in all countries of presence and looks like this: from 3 to 6 years old - école maternel (pre-school education), from 6 to 11 years old - école élémentaire (primary school), from 11 to 14 years old - college (high school) and from 14 to 17 (18) years - lycée (high school). According to the rules established by the French Ministry of Education as early as 1881, education is required between the ages of 6-16. At this age, students are required to attend school. Meanwhile, home-based learning is also allowed (according to official statistics, about 3% of children study at home). The level of education of children studying at home is strictly controlled by the state - every year students are required to take tests (both written and communication with teachers).
The preschool level of training does not mean teaching the child to read, count and write - the kids only get acquainted with the letters of the alphabet, learn to write their name, learn the count from one to one hundred, learn poems and songs. Most of the time is devoted to the socialization of the child, his acquisition of communication skills with peers and adults, outdoor games (the mild climate of Andorra involves daily walks of 3-4 hours a day), and creative activities. For children regularly organize collective walks in the parks of Andorra, theaters, museums. Children are also actively involved in sports: during the year, preschoolers and schoolchildren visit the pool, and also go to the ski resorts of Andorra Grandvalira, Vallnord, where they learn to ski or snowboard, or to the Naturlandia amusement park.
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Learn French for free. Education in Andorra consists of three trimesters. In 2014, for example, the first trimester began on September 9 and ends on December 19 (from October 24 to November 3, training was interrupted for the fall holidays). The second trimester will begin after the Christmas holidays, from January 7, and end on March 27 (from February 13 to 23, training is interrupted for the second winter vacation). After Easter, the children return to school on April 13th. The third trimester ends on July 3 (training is interrupted for spring break from May 22 to June 1), after which the children rest for the remaining two summer months.

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