Rental housing in Russia will rise in price by 10% in 2020

In 2020, rental prices in large cities of Russia will increase by 5-10%. This forecast was given in real estate agencies.

At the same time, in Moscow, along with new metro stations, the cost of rental housing may increase by 15–20%. The reason for such a rise in prices, experts call the increase in prices for both new buildings and the secondary, as well as an increase in utility tariffs, the transition to escrow accounts and the desire of owners to remain in the legal field.

Now the average rental cost of Odnushka in Russia is 13 thousand rubles per month, a two-room apartment can be rented for 17 thousand rubles, and a three-room apartment can be rented for 23 thousand, Avito Real Estate reported.

At the same time, in the capital, rent for a one-room apartment will amount to 30 thousand rubles, and for “three rubles” - 50 thousand.

According to the general director of the federal portal "World of apartments" Pavel Lutsenko, in the first half of the year the price increase will be insignificant. A 5-7% rise in prices is expected in July – August and by the end of the year.

He noted that one of the reasons for the price increase will be the transition of the construction industry to project financing. Due to the departure of developers from the market, a shortage of supply is expected.что-посмотреть-в-лериде/544670299460104/провинция-лерида-предлагает-широкое-разнообразиесделано-у-нас-нам-есть-чем-гордитьсяпросмотр-профилясовременная-наука-6242437ead60военная-техника-в-искусстве-95318907682fавтомобили-7185cc4e8253курорт-биарриц-a691a6964782виланова-и-ла-желтру-9e0fe77eb8dfбильбао-c137e92c95a3тулуза-столица-лангедока-3035fe4ec942í-city-edb0b24719ddège-994e64db0e45àrrega-b11504bdad09ç-de-morunys-flooded-by-the-waters-of-the-llosa-del-b625df11e0a2à-region-located-on-the-left-bank-of-the-river-ter-fde97aa87220çà-and-its-sights-8097294b7f86алексей-круглый-о-квантовой-гравитации-и-информационной-вселенной-62840ed34d16пиренейские-горы-fe4a814585fандорра-готова-к-строительству-аэропорта-на-своей-территории-4998fc8b997лучшие-автомобили-мира-с-жорди-виларо-bd193ba0dd68ël-machado-b498898dd3beège-b13c8586843fís-d4d9601d34ffàliga-sg-àliga-sl-64990a8fd26eсheap-shopping-in-europe-andorra-8946299f04c3ó-bbc099f26f7fñé-e90d62f61d7fñé-db03a30443aa

At the end of 2019, the plan for relocating citizens from dilapidated housing in the Samara region was almost doubled. As explained by the Ministry of Construction of the region, in the schedule was 4.6 thousand square meters. m, but in reality the figure reached 7.25 thousand square meters. m

In total, 170 families received new apartments, NIA Samara notes. According to the head of the department, Evgeny Chudaev, “we need to increase the pace” to reduce emergency housing. It is planned that over the next six years 21 thousand people will be relocated from 8378 buildings (a total area of ​​343.5 thousand square meters).

As reported in December, a program of resettlement from emergency housing began in Yakutia. This is the first time in decades. In the next five years, 8.5 thousand people will be relocated from the emergency houses - one out of every eight inhabitants of the Yakut Arctic.

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