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The service center of the search system has several functions that allow you to establish the full-fledged work of a web project and significantly simplify the task of search promotion due to access to statistical information

The service center of the search system has several functions that allow you to establish the full-fledged work of a web project and significantly simplify the task of search promotion due to access to statistical informationThe main advantages of the service. The service center of the search system has several functions that allow you to establish the full-fledged work of a web project and significantly simplify the task of search promotion due to access to statistical information. The main functionality is as follows:
Adding a web project to the search engine indexing listviewing statistics of pages that are in the index;obtaining information about the reference mass (internal, external);control over index errors;statistical information about the work of search robots on the site;the ability to add a sitemap;validation of robots.txt;modification of the web project in the search results.Using the service, the webmaster gets access to a variety of tools that greatly simplify its work.
Website search queriesObtaining information about the most popular user requests, you can follow the statistical information that allows you to learn about the priorities of people and form the semantic core of the site based on this information. The service divides the displayed information into 2 categories: impressions (queries for which the web project is indexed and shown in the search results, the site occupied by the specified queries) and clicks (which queries brought people to the web site).

By analyzing the information obtained through this tool, we can draw conclusions about the nature of the target audience of the web project and conduct a correction of their work, directing efforts to attract users.
Indexing InformationYou can check the site URL by collecting information about the results of indexing. The following information is available:
page load time;errors detected during the download;whether the web page is included in the search database;the amount of link mass per page (internal, external);information about the version of the page that appeared in the search results.Using this tool, you can find out about existing errors, the elimination of which will increase the number of pages shown to users in the search results.

Step-by-step instructions for adding a site to the serviceYou can add a site to the service using a simple instruction that includes the following steps:
passing the registration procedure on the service;clicking on the "Add Site" button;entering the URL of the web project;Proof of ownership of the web site - It is recommended that you add an HTML file. The procedure is performed by downloading a file with txt permission, and then placing it in the root of the web site using the FTP manager (the root of the web site is located at wp-admin);confirmation of operations;when all previous operations are performed correctly, an inscription appears in front of the name of the web site informing you that the site has been added to the queue. When his time comes, the site will be indexed;indexing a project will take about 15-18 days, after which it will be possible to increase the number of web pages in the search engine index.Webmasters who have passed the verification procedure can use all the advantages of the service, in particular, regularly view useful Yandex news, receiving useful information about various events and projects:
conducting training courses with the participation of webmasters;information on the latest indexing technologies;new versions of semantic markup.Advantages of using the Yandex.Webmaster serviceAmong the main advantages of using the Yandex service are the following:
geographic location of the web project - indicating the regional affiliation will limit the influx of audience to targeted visitors, and in conjunction with the markup of contact information this will make it possible to bring the product closer to the consumer;viewing request statistics - receiving information about requests that lead people to the project. It is possible to indicate about 500 of your queries in order to conduct a detailed analysis;identification of indexing problems - obtaining information about the indexing of the project by the robot and the errors that it identified, in order to eliminate them in a timely manner. The section contains information regarding server responses, including HTTP codes and the total number of requests made by the robot in relation to a specific web project;assistance in setting up indexing procedures - the webmaster gets the opportunity to learn about the pages in the index. It will be possible to set up correct indexing and receiving timely information regarding existing errors;the web project will become more noticeable in the search results. Special descriptions will be generated containing basic information about the site, which will attract a large number of target users;site security - timely detection of malware, including junk mail.

Accessibility Yandex.WebmasterUsing the Yandex Webmaster service, you can perform a thorough analysis of the robots.txt file, checking its contents and correct processing. If necessary, it is possible to change the register of the website name, turning, for example, into The service automatically protects the web site by detecting the presence of malicious codes that can degrade the site. The project owner is notified of viruses.
A convenient option is the possibility of regional linking of the project. After activating the Arzamas algorithm, search engines began to take into account the place of residence of users, giving them results that are tied to a specific region. You can specify the region whose users will be primarily shown the page. If there is no such need, then you can refuse the regional binding (for information sites, for example).
The type of web project is subject to change at the request of the webmaster. Modifications are expressed in the indication of contact information, which will be displayed in the search results and on the Yandex map.
Web projects of some subjects receive special features, expressed in the use of microformats and XML formats, through which information about the content of the web site is transmitted. The specified information is subsequently used in the process of generating snippets related to search results.
Thanks to this opportunity provided by the Yandex webmaster, you can create snippets that are tied to organizations of the redone type:
Hotelscatering establishments;sports organizations;culinary-related web projects;banks of control works and abstracts;encyclopedias, etc.As a result of using this tool, Yandex developers see an optimization of the appearance of the web site in search results.
Procedure for adding a web project to a serviceYou can add a web site to the service by completing the registration procedure by creating an email on Yandex. Further, directly in the panel of the Webmaster, you will need to confirm the rights of the owner of the web project using one of the proposed methods:
add a meta tag to the main page of the project (in HTML code);place special files in the root of the web site - generated by the system;make a special entry in DNS.Today, almost every webmaster working in the Yandex service sees it as a vital tool for promoting his project on the network.

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