It is rather difficult to give a brief and at the same time complete definition of the term “tourism”

It is rather difficult to give a brief and at the same time complete definition of the term “tourism” due to the variety of functions performed by him and a large number of manifestations. In the process of development, various interpretations of this term were given, and each of them reflects certain aspects of tourism.

The basic criteria for determining “tourism” are:
Change of location: moving to a place outside the daily habitat.Staying in another place: the place of stay should not be a place of permanent or long-term residence (12 or more months).Payment for activities in the visited place: the purpose of the trip should not be the implementation of activities paid from the source in the visited place or labor activity (remuneration).The Federal Law "On the basics of tourism in the Russian Federation" [5], taking as a basis the definition [6] of the UNWTO, defines the concepts of tourism and tourist:
Tourism - temporary trips (trips) of citizens of the Russian Federation, foreign citizens and stateless persons (hereinafter referred to as persons) from a permanent place of residence for medical, recreational, educational, sports, professional, business, religious and other purposes without engaging in activities related to income from sources in the country (place) of temporary residence.
Tourist - a person visiting a country (place) of temporary stay for medical, recreational, educational, educational, sports, professional business, religious and other purposes without engaging in activities related to income from sources in the country (place) of temporary stay, for a period of 24 hours to 6 months in a row or making at least one overnight stay in the country (place) of temporary stay.;area=summary;u=647910

Young chargers Jaime Busto and Miquel Gelabert will make their first X-Trial World Championship appearances since moving to manufacturer Vértigo, while Jorge Casales moves on from the one Spanish factory to another by joining up with Gas Gas.

La Réunion will also see the introduction of 18-year-old Frenchman Kieran Touly to the Championship for his X-Trial debut. The reigning 125cc World Champion is yet another youth talent welcomed to an ever-expanding series.

More familiar faces include Adam Raga (TRRS), the 4-times World Champion and reigning number two, the only rider other than Toni Bou to have recorded an X-Trial victory in 2019.

Young chargers Benoit Bincaz (Beta) and Gabriel Marcelli (Montesa) will also be keen to press their case for the podium places right from the start of this new season, the latter now included for the first time among the list of permanent riders for the X-Trial World Championship campaign.

VK 17/11/2-10;area=summary;u=7918;area=summary;u=646364

(рекламная куст)

This stage is characterized by: the emergence of specialized enterprises for the production of tourism services (XIX century), as well as the formation of mass and social tourism (before the Second World War) and the rapid development of the tourism industry and mass conveyor tourism (until the 80s of the XX century).

Boat trip, Germany. 1895 yearThe origin of mass tourism was promoted by the development of industry, and as a result, the delimitation of free time, the appearance of paid holidays. In addition, the revolutionary development of transport - the appearance of a steamboat, a steam locomotive, the expansion of the road network also played an important role.
The first upscale hotels appeared in Germany and Switzerland at the beginning of the 19th century, in the second half of the century - travel agencies were created to organize tourist trips and sell them to consumers.
In the first half of the 20th century, mass recreation, sports tourism and military-applied sports were stimulated in Germany and the USSR.
After the economic downturn associated with World War II, a new stage began. The active development of travel agencies, the mass construction of hotels and various entertainment establishments began in the 1950s and 1960s. European tourism was focused on the reception of American tourists, and since the 70s there has been a growth in outbound tourism.
Since the 80s, tourism growth has slowed, and mass tourism has transformed into differentiated tourism. Tourism is becoming a way of life, the tendency to expand the range of services, the emergence of new recreation facilities is intensifying. Individual tours, ecological and sports tourism are becoming popular.

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